What are patients saying about A T.E.A.M. Approach Physical Therapy Center


“By far the best physical therapy center I have ever been to. This is the only place I will ever come back to if need be. I can’t thank everyone at ‘A TEAM’ enough for all that they have done for me.” – Michael C.

“This is a unique organization – one of a kind. I love coming here. You are all so wonderful. The A T.E.A.M. – you are the best staff, so energetic and positive. – Awesome” – Catherine L.

“Great therapeutic touch received from Doctors and their staff. Office has excellent approach to patient’s sensitivity and they are also very, very friendly. They make you feel as though you are part of a team or shall I say family.” – Sharon R.

“The care and treatment I have received was excellent. All the staff were very pleasant and courteous. Gave me excellent and professional care. Many thanks to all.” – Inez S.

“A T.E.A.M. Approach made me feel like family and they were extremely encouraging which aided in my quick recovery.” – Todd I.

“Thanks A T.E.A.M. for getting me walking again.” – Leah P.

” “A” T.E.A.M. says it all. Before coming to you, I could see through walls and stop bullets, now I can leap buildings with a single bound.” – Edward M.

“Staff was always friendly and my therapy each week was great. My exercises were helpful and enabled me to improve weekly. I would recommend any one of my friends if need be to come here.” – Carol Ann C.

“The exercises were very practical, easy to do and worked. I feel I definitely benefited from A T.E.A.M. and would recommend the facility to others.” – Stefanie Y.

“Very professional staff, clean/neat facility, excellent physical therapy staff. Very professional, very well informed and motivated to rehabilitate patients.” – William W.

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