What Our Patients Are Saying

“Back here again, came 3 years ago. No other place better! The staff is great!!!”
– M.R.

“I had pain and numbness in my arm and shoulder. After 3 visits, Dr. Ruffalo had alleviated the pain and I had full range of motion again. The doctor and his staff are wonderful!!!”
– K.L.

“I found A TEAM Approach Physical Therapy to be the most professional and kind, caring and friendly place to come to especially when you are in need. You hope to find this kind of care.”
– L.L.

“Without Doc Ruffalo and his staff, I would not have had the opportunity to succeed in the High School season, or any of my competitive rounds this summer. He helped me through some tough times with my back, and I’m grateful for the time he sacrificed to get me where I am today, Again, thank you.”
– Dean C.

“Wonderful experience, they feel like family. I so benefited from therapy and would recommend them highly and if necessary, would come here again.”
– P.P.

“The attention and concern for the patient’s needs are well attended throughout the sessions. Also, Dr. Ruffalo and his staff provide you with an uplifting spirit to accomplish the goal of improvement.”
– E.K.

“I would highly recommend A T.E.A.M. Approach Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. They are genuinely caring with a high degree of the right approach for every patient”
– M.K.

“My son was having terrible, daily headaches that kept him from attending school and were not responding to medication. I am thrilled to say that Dr. Ruffalo was able to get him pain – free in a matter of days. We can’t thank him enough!”
– Dr. Debbie S.

“Muchas gracias por su experiencia, cuidado y bondad durante la rehabilitación de mi rodilla! Usted ha permitido que regrese a mi funcionamiento normal. Su método TEAM, ágil servicio a los pacientes, y su conocimiento fueron la motivación para mejorarme. Usted y su equipo merecen una A+! Muchísimas gracias.”
– Sinceramente, E.P.

“The staff & Dr. Ruffalo were the finest experience of physical therapy I have ever known.”
– Ken K.

“Thanks to the staff’s care I feel so much better. Had headaches 5 times a week for two years and now none.”
– K. S.

“I can’t recommend Dr. Ruffalo and his staff more highly. In just a few months they healed my shoulder injury and avoided the need for surgery. Thank you, Dr. Ruffalo!”
– Corey G.

“The professionalism and support and information given helped my healing more than any other group I’ve been involved with. The P.T.A. was most knowledgeable and answered my questions with full knowledge and her care and concern were appreciated beyond words.”
– Kathy S.

“I would like to say the acronyms T.E.A.M. really describe you guys. You work together as one with enthusiasm and encouragement, I really appreciate that. Thanks you so much.”
– Fondly, Mrs. Angela M.

“Not only do you feel physically better leaving physical therapy at A T.E.A.M. Approach Physical Therapy but the staff has mastered making you fell mentally better with coping with your pain. An uplifting experience!”
– Debra R.

“I am “forever” grateful for their “skills”, “kindness” and “considerations” given me! I now have full motion in my shoulder and have improved dramatically with my arm muscle. They’re a great TEAM – How “lucky” for me!!!!”
– Theresa G.

“This is a place where not only do you get better but where you could tell that the staff care and really do want you to get better. There are a million physical therapy centers but only one A T.E.A.M.”
– Edward V.

“The staff was knowledgeable and supportive throughout my treatment. With A T.E.A.M. Approach you felt like one of the family throughout your rehabilitation. I would highly recommend A T.E.A.M. Approach Physical Therapy Center.”
– Karen R.

“My experience with all the staff was wonderful and welcoming. The office treatment and the at home exercise program healed my shoulder. I have full range and use of my arm and shoulder now. Thank you A T.E.A.M. Approach!”
– Judith W.

“Very professional staff, clean/neat facility, excellent physical therapy staff. Very professional, very well informed and motivated to rehabilitate patients.”
– William W.

“ “A” T.E.A.M. says it all. Before coming to you, I could see through walls and stop bullets, now I can leap buildings with a single bound.”
– Edward M.

“Great therapeutic touch received from Doctors and their staff. Office has excellent approach to patient’s sensitivity and they are also very, very friendly. They make you feel as though you are part of a team or shall I say family.”
– Sharon R.

“This is a unique organization – one of a kind. I love coming here. You are all so wonderful. The A T.E.A.M. – you are the best staff, so energetic and positive. – Awesome”
– Catherine L.

“I’ve been to five different therapy centers over the years and the A T.E.A.M. is by far the best. Professional staff with a concerted work ethic, well trained and pleasing personalities – the Best!”
– Robert F.

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